Microservices e Login: Spring Boot, Spring Security e OAuth2

Microservices e Login: Spring Boot, Spring Security e OAuth2

Microservices and Login: Spring Boot, Spring Security and OAuth2

In 20 years of career in the area of ​​ technology , developing software , I used several ways and framework to create software . You know what I noticed ? There are several ways and patterns of doing the same things. And what were the best ways to solve a specific problem? A simple example is user control . There are many ways to do it. Do you know one more thing I noticed? The technical leaders , leader of teams , the senior , had these knowledge and knew when and how to use the best way. And of course they were the people who earned the most or moved up .

But knowing the options was not easy , because finding courses or a mentor to help me was very difficult. So, I decided to take this exclusive course so that you dear student , do not experience the same problem that I had .

Let’s go in this course, in a easy way , the user control . We will implement a login with Spring Security . Let’s meet and use the Spring Session , to recover users users in many microservices and let’s explore the Keycloak to implement a pattern OAuth2 .

A very important point to note is that developing microservice and know the different ways to implement a user control it’s essential for professional growth , for your career , and for your pocket .

Know that by doing this course, you enter the exclusive and limited Alcatéia Dev Community , which focuses on knowledge , courses , content, GitHub organization, discussion group on the technology area and micro services .

Course concepts:

1. Authorization and Authentication – Spring Security;

2 . OAuth2;

3. Microservices user session – Spring Session;

4. Routing with Gateway API and Login- Zuul;

5. Login;

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