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Live Video Courses from Reputed Imprints

IT leraning comptia security+

IT learning cisco networking academy

Develop professional skills endorsed by Cisco Networking Academy

IT learning information technology master degree

Information Technology Leadership

Masters degree

This innovative program awards a masters level qualification largely based on recognition of professional practice and is ideally suited to experienced IT professionals with domain experience seeking career advancement.

Data Analytics for Business with Tableau Training

Get professional quantitative data analytics training and fast track your career in a leading industry with high job growth.

IT learning data analytics for business with tableau training

IT learning master of business administration

Master of Business Administration (Artificial Intelligence)

Masters Degree

Develop the skills and knowledge needed to manage the complexity that comes from a more artificial intelligence driven world and explore how AI technology can be used to create revenue and generate business opportunities.

MSc Cyber Security

Masters Degree

Study the theory as well as practical techniques in the field of cyber security. The degree provides an opportunity for recent graduates or professionals in the computing industry to enhance their knowledge or move into cyber security.

 IT learning MSC cyber security

IT leraning MSC  project management

MSc Project Management

Masters Degree

Advance your career as a project manager or project leader with an online Masters degree in project management accredited by the Association for Project Management (APM)

Cyber Security Operations (Cisco CCNA)

Upskill in cyber security operations and enhance your working knowledge of cyber security with Cisco and The Open University.

IT learning cyber security operations cisco ccna

IT learning, data science: data driven decision making

Data Science: Data-Driven Decision Making

Discover storytelling with data and make better business decisions using data wrangling, modelling, and storytelling techniques.

What do you want to learn in Big Data ?

Big Data and Hadoop

Module Contains

  • What are Kafka Streams and How …
  • What are the Best books for Ha …
  • How to Plan the Capacity of a …

and 13 more articles…READ MORE 

Hadoop Administration

Module Contains

  • A Day In The Life Of A Hadoop …
  • Introduction of Hadoop Archite …
  • NameNode High Availability wit …

and 4 more articles…READ MORE 

Apache Storm

Module Contains

  • Real Time Storm Project
  • Introduction to Real-time Anal …
  • Introduction to Lambda Archite …

and 1 more articles…READ MORE 

Apache Spark and Scala

Module Contains

  • How to become an Apache Spark …
  • What is CCA-175 Spark and Hado …
  • Most Important Scala Interview …

and 13 more articles…READ MORE 

Comprehensive Pig

Module Contains

  • A Deep Dive Into Pig


Comprehensive HIVE

Module Contains

  • Hive & Yarn Get Electrifie …
  • Hive Data Models
  • Introduction to Apache Hive

and 1 more articles…READ MORE 

Comprehensive Hbase

Module Contains

  • Basics of HBase
  • Sample HBase POC


Apache Kafka

Module Contains

  • Top Apache Kafka Interview Que …
  • Apache Kafka: Next Generation …
  • Apache Kafka: What You Need Fo …


Splunk Developer and Admin

Module Contains

  • Splunk Lookup and Fields: Splu …
  • Splunk Knowledge Objects: Splu …
  • Splunk Tutorial For Beginners: …

and 7 more articles…READ MORE 

Big Data Architect Masters Program

Module Contains

  • Big Data Engineer Salary ̵ …
  • Big Data Engineer Resume ̵ …
  • Big Data Engineer Skills: Skil …

and 6 more articles…READ MORE 

ELK Stack Certification Training

Module Contains

  • ELK Stack Tutorial – Dis …
  • Elasticsearch Tutorial – …
  • What Is Elasticsearch – …


Python Spark Certification Training using PyS …

Module Contains

  • PySpark Programming – In …
  • RDDs in PySpark – Buildi …
  • PySpark MLlib Tutorial : Machi …

and 3 more articles…READ MORE 

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