originally named “WEBNET”, is a stable HTTP bot created for the use of herding and is perfect for collecting hundreds, and thousands of bots at an affordable price. The simple to use interface and reliable bot allows you to control your botnet with confidence, knowing your bots are safe and stable is what botnet masters need most, and this is what we provide to you with µBOT.The “µ” within in our name represents simplicity and small size, which is directly in relation with our bot itself, with a tiny size of 9kb compressed with the control from the easy-to-use control panel.”

Sale price $7

Aldi bot

people’s bot

The bot’s initial application was to carry out distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, use its victim’s PC as a proxy, steal passwords from Mozilla’s Firefox browser and carry out the remote execution of any file

sale price $5 only

Andromeda Botnet

The malware mainly targets the windows operating systems to create a network of infected computers that were then becomes the part of Andromeda Botnet. The botnet is then used to distribute other malware families with which Andromeda is associated with. The malware is a modular bot whose functionalities can be modified through plugins for example plugins for keylogger, rootkit, teamviewer, spreader etc. Sale price $17

ANN Loader

What’s particularly interesting about the Ann Malware Loader is the fact that it comes with an EULA agreement, emphasizing on the fact that the malware loader is to be used for testing purposes only. By doing this, the key coder behind this underground release is forwarding the responsibility for its uses to his customers. Sale price $57

Cythosia DDoS bot

# Runs on Win2k – Win7 / x86 and x64

~ Limited/Guest/Administrator Acconts

# Various Autostart Names and Entries

– Main Functions:

+ Download & Execute
+ Update

– Distributed Denial of Service Functions

+ Syn
~ 20 Bots can kill little Sites
~ Customizeable Port & Strength(Http, Sql, Gameserver)
~ Perform attacks on homeconnections
~ Highly customizeable
~ Multithreaded GET Requests – Generates Traffic as hell
~ Keeps GET Requests open

– Socks5 Proxy

+ Opens Port with UPnP if router supports it
+ Redirects all TCP requests multithreaded -> very good speed
+ Configureable Username and Password

– Control Panel

+ Nice looking Ajax Panel
+ Hardcoded Password -> secure
+ Taskmanagement System
+ Export Online SOCKS5 LIST

Sale price $9

Elite Loader

The malware loader appears to be under active development by third-party coders, modifying its leaked source code for their own needs. This open source malware is highly modular, allowing third-party authors to innovate on the basis of using its source code. Sale Price $7

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