Forensic Software

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Forensic Software

The purpose of computer forensics techniques and Forensic software is to search, preserve, and analyze information on computer systems to find potential evidence against criminals.

The recovery and preservation of digital evidence can be aided by the use of gear and software known as “digital forensics tools.”

Digital forensics technologies can be used by law enforcement to gather and preserve digital evidence as well as to confirm or deny theories in court.

In general, we can break digital forensics into five branches:

  • Computer forensics.
  • Mobile device forensics.
  • Network forensics.
  • Forensic data analysis.
  • Database forensics.

Different types of Digital Forensics are :

Disk Forensics, Network Forensics, Wireless Forensics, Database Forensics, Malware Forensics, Email Forensics, Memory Forensics, etc.

Many of the techniques and forensic software forensic investigators use in crime scene.

Investigations have digital counterparts, but some unique aspects to computer investigations are also important.

here presented the software for your fair use in learning digital forensics. Do not use it elsewhere other than learning.

Abalams IP Tracer.

SpywareAccesses potentially sensitive information from local browser Persistence Modifies System Certificates Settings Fingerprint Found a dropped file containing the Windows username (possible fingerprint attempt)
Reads the active computer name
Reads the cryptographic machine GUID Evasive Tries to sleep for a long time (more than two minutes)Network Behavior Contacts 16 domains and 17 hosts. sale price $9

doxing tool


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dox helper tool


forensic software: GSN1PA360 Dox helper

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