Python and Flask Web Development Bootcamp

Python and Flask Web Development Bootcamp

Web Development Bootcamp

This course will be your complete definitive guide for Web Development and fully functional websites with the Flask web framework.

We’ll start with crash courses in the basic front-end technologies for HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap 4. Once you have a good understanding of the basics of these front-end technologies, we’ll begin our journey with Python and Flask.

The course includes a complete Python Web Development refresher that starts with the very basics and quickly takes you through the advanced features, including functions, decorators, object-oriented programming, and more!

What you’ll learn more ?

  • Build complete, dynamic websites for your freelance projects or business
  • Design, develop, and deploy full-stack web apps using Flask, Python, HTML, and CSS
  • Create your own portfolio website to showcase all your projects
  • Become a true HTML and CSS professional without the need for complicated JavaScript, or stop-gap solutions like Bootstrap and jQuery
  • Publish your websites online with Heroku for free
  • Connect your Python applications to a MongoDB database on the cloud
  • Allow your users to sign up and log in to your applications
  • Change the content of your web app’s pages dynamically depending on the user that is logged in

Python is an interpreted, high-level and general-purpose programming language.

Python’s design philosophy emphasizes code readability with its notable use of significant indentation. Its language constructs and object-oriented approach aim to help programmers write clear, logical code for small and large-scale projects.

Once we understand HTML, CSS, Bootstrap 4, and Python we’re ready to tackle Flask and learn about all the amazing features for Web Development!

We’ll create basic landing pages with Flask and Python, then show you how to connect templates to Flask do you can connect your Flask Application to HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap-based templates.

We’ll also cover how to use the Jinja template engine to directly connect your flask application to your front-end files to customize your websites.

Flask is a microframework for web development, written in Python.

It’s lightweight and simple, so you can start using it straight away. As you go through the course and learn more about it, you’ll realize it’s also really powerful!

Flask provides everything we need for building websites: a good way to organize our apps, helpers for user authentication, a large selection of plugins and extensions to do dozens of other things, and much more!

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