GAQM Business Process Manager Practice Exams

GAQM Business Process Manager Practice Exams

Pass the GAQM Business Process Manager BPM certification on the first attempt. 72 questions

Business Process Manager (BPM)® is a systematic approach to making an organization’s workflow more effective, more efficient and more capable of adapting to an ever-changing environment.

A business process is an activity or set of activities that will accomplish a specific organizational goal.

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What is business process management?

Business process management (BPM)® is a systematic technique to increasing the effectiveness, efficiency, and adaptability of an organization’s workflow. A business process is an activity or collection of activities that help a company achieve a specified goal.

BPM® Certification is a valuable tool for companies looking to make the most of their processes in order to succeed.

Monitoring, evaluation, and optimization are necessary after processes have been deployed to ensure that they are still accomplishing the goals they were designed to achieve.

Competitive advantage may be maintained while increasing productivity and efficiency and cutting costs in a company that can effectively manage its processes.

Business Process Manager (BPM)® Certification helps organizations leverage processes to achieve their goals and be successful.

Once processes are implemented, they must be monitored, evaluated, and optimized to make sure they are still meeting the goals that they were designed to accomplish.

A business that can successfully manage its processes is able to maintain a competitive edge, while increasing productivity and efficiency and decreasing costs.

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This course does not content the study material. This course contains 72questions

Practice tests

  • Practice Exam #136 questions
  • Practice Exam #236 questions

Who this course is for Business Process Manager exam?

  • Technology consultants
  • System administrators
  • Process Owners
  • Process Designers
  • Business Leaders
  • Senior Executives
  • Team Leaders
  • Business Analysts Owners
  • Decision Makers
  • Middle- and Senior-level Line-of-business managers
  • Those who are new to BPM or have only had a limited exposure

Business Process Manager Practice Questions

Business Process Manager

Question 1.

The diamond symbol in flowchart process mapping means
A) decision is to be made
B) Another step in the process
C) Indicates direction
D) Indicates the start of the process
Answer 1. A

Question 2.

True or False: There are five essential steps to conducting a business analysis.
A) True
B) False
Answer 2. B

Question 3.

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Rachelle is gathering information to design a process. She will consider which of the following concepts?
A) Mind mapping
B) Role of content
C) Brainstorming
D) RAP model
Answer 3. B

Question 4.

Technology that enables workflow in processes are called:
A) Workflow designs
B) Workflow solutions
C) Technical aids
D) Workflow engines
Answer 4. D

Question 5.

Sam is currently testing the design of his process. He is piloting the process and implementing feedback to optimize his process before he implements it across the organization. Paul is:
A) Wasting his time
B) Using the Six Sigma approach
C) Using the iterative design approach
D) Using the Lean approach
Answer 5. C

Question 6.

_______________is the first step of Business Process Improvement model.
A) How to get the Customer
B) Where is the Customer
C) Know the Customer
D) Know the financial status of the Customer
Answer 6. C

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Question 7.

Why is it important to manage an organization’s processes?
A) To increase productivity
B) To decrease costs
C) To increase efficiency
D) All of the above
E) None of the above
Answer 7. D


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