Cisco CCNA Practice tests: Try these 25 Questions

200-301 practice questions

CCNA Practice tests. CCNA exam is now 200-301. Here are free practice tests questions and answers. try this 25 questions with answers. for CCNA exam practice.

OSI/TCP Model Questions

Q1. Name each layer of the OSI model, from Layer 7 down to Layer 1.

Application, Presentation, Session, Transport, Network, Data Link, and Physical.

Q2. What are the three methods used to control data flow at Layer 4?

Flow control, windowing, and acknowledgements.

Q3. Why is UDP used at all if TCP/IP offers guaranteed delivery?

TCP uses a lot of bandwidth on the network and there is a lot of traffic sent back and
forth to set up the connection, even before the data is sent. This all takes up valuable
time and network resources. UDP packets are a lot smaller than TCP packets and they are
very useful if a really reliable connection is not that necessary. Protocols that use UDP
include DNS and TFTP.


CSMA/CD, Switching, and VLANs Questions

Q4. Which two commands add an IP address to the VLAN?

The interface vlan x command and the ip address x.x.x.x command

Q5. How do you permit only SSH traffic into your Telnet lines?

Use the Switch1(config-line)#transport input ssh command

Q6. A switch interface can be in which of three modes?

Trunk, access, or dynamic mode.

Q7. Which commands will change the switch duplex mode and speed?

The duplex and speed commands.


Trunking, DTP, and Inter-VLAN Routing questions

Q8. Name four advantages of using VLANs.

Containing Broadcasts within a smaller group of devices will make the network faster;
saves resources on devices because they process less Broadcasts; added security by
keeping devices in a certain group (or function) in a separate Broadcast domain; and
flexibility in expanding a network across a geographical location of any size.

Q9. Hosts in the same VLAN can be in different subnets. True or false?

True, but not recommended.

Q10. A trunk link on a switch can be in which five possible modes?

On, off, auto, desirable, and nonegotiate.

Q11. Name three benefits of using VTP.

Accurate monitoring and reporting of VLANs; VLAN consistency across the network; and
ease of adding and removing VLANs.

Q12. Which command will change the native VLAN?

The switchport trunk native vlan x command.

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Router and Switch Security

Q13. Write out the two ways of configuring console passwords. Write the actual commands.

The password xxx and login local commands (username and password previously

Q14. Name the eight levels of logging available on the router.

Alerts, critical, debugging, emergencies, errors, informational, notifications, and warnings.

Q15. How would you hard set a port to accept only MAC 0001.c74a.0a01?

Issue the switchport port-security mac-address x.x.x.x command

Q16. Which command would permit only VLANs 10 to 20 over your interface?

The switchport trunk allowed vlan 10-20 command

IPv6 Questions

Q17. IPv6 addresses must always be used with a subnet mask. True or false?


Q18. The 0002 portion of an IPv6 address can be shortened to just 2. True or false?


Q19. How can the broadcast functionality be simulated in an IPv6 environment?

By using Anycast.

OSPFv3 Questions

Q20. Which command would you use to enable the OSPFv3 routing protocol?

The ipv6 router ospf command.

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DHCP & DNS Questions

Q21. What are the six DHCP states for clients?

Initialising, Selecting, Requesting, Bound, Renewing, and Rebinding.

Q22. Which command will debug DNS packets on your router?

The debug domain command

Q23. Which command will set a DHCP lease of 7 days, 7 hours, and 7 minutes?

The lease 7 7 7 command under DHCP Pool Configuration mode.

Layer 1 and Layer 2 Troubleshooting Questions

Q24. What are runts?

Packets that are smaller than the minimum packet size (less than 64 bytes on Ethernet).


You can cycle through modes by pressing the Mode button until you reach the mode
setting you require. This changes the status of the port LED colours. True or false?


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