Zero to Agile Data Science

Zero to Agile Data Science

Price: S$79.99

Zero to Agile Data Science

You will learn how to apply Agile Data Science techniques to Classification problems through 3 projects – Predicting Credit Card Fraud, Predicting Customer Churn and Predicting Financial Distress.

Each project will have 5 iterations labelled ‘Day 1’ to ‘Day 5’ that will gently take you from a simple Random Forest Classifier to a tuned ensemble of 5 classifiers (XGBoost, LightGBM, Gradient Boosted Decision Trees, Extra Trees and Random Forest) evaluated on upsampled data.

This course is ideal for intermediate Data Scientists looking to expand their skills with the following:

  1. Automated detection of bad columns in our raw data (Day 1)

  2. Creating your own metric for imbalanced datasets (Day 1)

  3. Four Data Resampling techniques (Day 2)

  4. Handling Nulls (Day 2)

  5. Two Feature Engineering techniques (Day 3)

  6. Four Feature Reduction techniques (Day 3)

  7. Memory footprint reduction (Day 3)

  8. Setting a custom scoring function inside the GridSearchCV (Day 4)

  9. Changing the default scoring metric for XGBoost (Day 5)

  10. Building meta-model (Day 5)

Complete Jupyter notebooks with the source code and a library of reusable functions is given to the students to use in their own projects as needed!


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