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Top CompTIA A+ Courses Online – Updated [February 2021]

CompTIA A+ certification is the industry standard for developing a career in IT

CompTIA A+ certified professionals are proven problem solvers. They support today’s fundamental technologies from security to cloud to data management and more.

CompTIA A+ is the industry benchmark for starting IT professions into today’s digital environment.

In this Informative Post, we will see the main aspects of Both Core exams of CompTIA A+

One of the most difficult exams is the CompTIA A+ Core II Exam(220-1002). This Practice Exam will assist you in finalizing your preparation for the CompTIA A+ Core II Exam(220-1002) exam.

After passing these tests, you will be able to pass the Core II (220-1002) exam on the first try. These Practice Questions are specifically designed from an exam standpoint to assess your preparation.

This CompTIA A+ Core II Exam(220-1002) Practice Exams will assist you in gaining experience with the test question format and understanding how the questions in the real CompTIA A+ Core II Exam(220-1002) exams are structured.

You will be adequately prepared for the real CompTIA A+ Core II Exam(220-1002) exam if you try this practice tests. and courses offered here.

The CompTIA A+ certification Core Series requires candidates to pass two exams: Core 1 (220-1001) and Core 2 (220-1002) covering the following recent content:

  • Demonstrate baseline security skills for IT support professionals
  • Configure device operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS, Android and iOS and administer client-based as well as cloud-based (SaaS) software
  • Troubleshoot and problem solve core service and support challenges while applying best practices for documentation, change management, and scripting
  • Support basic IT infrastructure and networking
  • Configure and support PC, mobile and IoT device hardware
  • Implement basic data backup and recovery methods and apply data storage and management best practices

CompTIA A+ certification (220-1001) core 1 practice tests.

Question 1.

A technician is troubleshooting what appears to be a RAM issue on a PC. Which of the following symptoms would indicate if this is a RAM issue?

  • A. POST code beeps
  • B. Distended capacitors
  • C. Continuous reboots
  • D. Wrong BIOS time

Answer 1. C

Question 2.

A user accidentally spills liquid on a laptop. The user wants the device to be fixed and would like to know how much it will cost.
Which of the following steps should the technician take NEXT to verify if the device is repairable before committing to a price? (Choose two.)

  • A. Remove the case and organize the parts.
  • B. Document the screw locations.
  • C. Search the Internet for repair tutorials.
  • D. Consult colleagues for advice.
  • E. Place the device in rice for a few days.

Answer 2. A, B

Question 3.

Which of the following peripherals would a company use to take inventory quickly and update price tags for products? (Choose two.)

  • A. Barcode scanner
  • B. Label printer
  • C. Magnetic reader
  • D. KVM switch
  • E. NFC device
  • F. Flatbed scanner

Answer 3. A, C

Question 4.

A user wants to print a large job on both the front and back sides of the paper.
Which of the following settings should the technician advise the user to change in the printer settings?

  • A. Collate
  • B. Orientation
  • C. Duplex
  • D. Transparency

Answer 4. C

Question 5.

A user is unable to access websites and has reported connectivity issues with pop-ups on the screen. A technician removes malware, and then is able to ping the router and access the websites.
Which of the following NEXT steps should the technician perform in troubleshooting this issue? (Choose two.)

  • A. Document findings, actions, and outcomes.
  • B. Reboot the device to verify the fix.
  • C. Reconnect the device to the network.
  • D. Verify the settings in IPConfig.
  • E. Research the problem based on symptoms.
  • F. Run a virus scan.

Answer 5. A , F

Question 6.

A user is no longer able to browse the Internet after returning from vacation. The user is able to log in and navigate to the local intranet, but not to any outside sites. A technician pings a well-known website by name but gets no reply. The technician then pings its IP address and gets a reply.
Which of the following commands will MOST likely resolve the issue?

  • A. ipconfig /all
  • B. ipconfig /flushdns
  • C. ipconfig /release
  • D. ipconfig /setclassid

Answer 6. B

Question 7.

A technician is determining the specifications for a desktop computer that will be used at trade shows all over the world. The computer will have the maximum amount of RAM. The CPU, GPU, and storage will be typical of a business workstation.
Which of the following system parameters is the MOST important for the technician to consider when choosing a power supply?

  • A. Input voltage
  • B. Efficiency rating
  • C. 12V rail amperage
  • D. Number of SATA connectors

Answer 7. A

Question 8.

Ann, an accountant, reports that after turning on her new laptop, she received a message stating her IP address is already in use on the system. She tried going back to her old desktop, which she now only uses for email, but received the same message. The technician checks the account and sees a comment that Ann requires a special network setup to connect to the banking software. Which of the following should the technician do to resolve the issue?

  • A. Remove the static IP configuration from the desktop.
  • B. Set the laptop configuration to DHCP to prevent conflicts.
  • C. Replace the network card in the laptop, as it may be defective.
  • D. Bridge the LAN connection between the laptop and the desktop.

Answer 8. B

Question 9.

A customer wants to purchase a new home computer. The machine will mainly be used for Internet browsing and streaming video, except on weekends when the customer’s son will use it to play games with friends.
Which of the following should the technician focus on to meet these requirements? (Choose two.)

  • A. 80mm case fans
  • B. Four-core processor
  • C. RAID 5 array
  • D. 16GB DDR2 memory
  • E. Dual monitors
  • F. Encrypted hard drive

Answer 9. B, D

Question 10

Which of the following cable types should be used to connect a cable modem to a SOHO router?

  • A. Thunderbolt
  • B. Coaxial
  • C. USB
  • D. Ethernet

Answer 10. D


CompTIA A+ certification (220-1002) core 2 practice tests

Question 1.

A technician arrives on site to find that two users who have the same model on Android smartphone are having the same issue with a specific application.
Whenever they attempt to launch the application, it fails and gives an error message. Which of the following should the technician do FIRST?

  • A. Reinstall the application
  • B. Roll back the application to the earlier version
  • C. Clear the application cache
  • D. Update the OS of the smartphones

Answer 1. D

Question 2.

A technician is working on a Windows 10 PC that is running slowly.
Which of the following commands should the technician use to correct this issue? (Choose two.)

  • A. dir
  • B. chkdsk
  • C. dism
  • D. ipconfig
  • E. format
  • F. diskpart

Answer 2. B, C

Question 3.

An administrator is setting up a Windows terminal server.
Which of the following settings should the administrator modify to increase server security? (Choose two.)

  • A. Change the default access port
  • B. Enforce password complexity
  • C. Put the terminal server into the routerג€™s DMZ
  • D. Disable logon time restrictions
  • E. Block all unused ports on the LAN smart switch
  • F. Use the local client certificate for server authentication

Answer 3. C, E

Question 4.

A company has hired a new IT firm to manage its network switches and routers. The firm is geographically separated from the company and will need to able to securely access the devices.
Which of the following will provide the ability to access these devices?

  • A. Telnet
  • B. SSH
  • C. RDP
  • D. VNC

Answer 4. B

Question 5.

A small office’s wireless network was compromised recently by an attacker who brute forced a PIN to gain access. The attacker then modified the DNS settings on the router and spread malware to the entire network.
Which of the following configurations MOST likely allowed the attack to take place? (Choose two.)

  • A. Guest network
  • B. TKIP
  • C. Default login
  • D. Outdated firmware
  • E. WPS
  • F. WEP

Answer 5. C, F

Question 6.

A client wants a technician to create a PC naming convention that will make the client’s PCs easier to track and identify while in use.
Which of the following naming convention formats should the technician follow?

  • A. Domain name, location, IP address
  • B. Domain name, location, asset ID
  • C. Asset ID, MAC address
  • D. Location, RFID

Answer 6. C

Question 7.

Which of the following provide the BEST security for a server room? (Choose two.)

  • A. Badge reader
  • B. Bollard
  • C. Biometric lock
  • D. Cable lock
  • E. USB token
  • F. Privacy window shades

Answer 7. A, C

Question 8.

Which of the following threats uses personalized information in an attempt at obtaining information?

  • A. Whaling
  • B. Impersonation
  • C. Spoofing
  • D. Spear phishing

Answer 8. D

Question 9.

A technician receives an invalid certificate error when visiting a website with port 443 enabled. Other computers on the same LAN do not exhibit this symptom.
Which of the following needs to be adjusted on the workstation to fix the issue?

  • A. Date and time
  • B. UEFI boot mode
  • C. Logon times
  • D. User access control

Answer 9. A

Question 10.

A technician is working at a help desk firm and receives a call from a user who has experienced repeated BSODs. The technician is scheduled to take a break just after the call comes in.
Which of the following is the BEST choice for the technician to make?

  • A. Politely ask the user to call back
  • B. Ask another technician to take the call
  • C. Troubleshoot the issue for the user
  • D. Input the issue as a ticket and escalate to Tier 2
  • E. Put the user on hold and troubleshoot after the scheduled break

Answer 10. B.


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