PSM I Professional Scrum Master I

PSM I Professional Scrum Master I

PSM I Professional Scrum Master I Practice Test

Learn Scrum, understand the Agile principles & prepare for your Agile/Scrum Master certification in 2022.

For many, certifications carry more weight than even a college degree.

Practice tests for professional scrum master exam

  • Test 110 questions
  • Test 210 questions

What you’ll learn

  • Prep for a Scrum Master certification [UNOFFICIAL].
  • Prep for an Agile certification [UNOFFICIAL].
  • Test your Scrum understanding with prep questions
  • Ask questions in the Q&A section
  • Get exam tips that can really make a difference
  • How to deal with hard exam questions
  • Understand the Agile mindset
  • Learn about burn-down charts, technical debt, velocity
  • Have a good understanding of the Scrum framework

The main reason why they are so well regarded by the market is the fact that they leave the professional better prepared to perform specific functions in certain areas.

Even with an abundance of vacancies in the IT market, the diploma of higher education and mastery of English does not guarantee a good placement in the sector.

Organizations are demanding a good practical knowledge of technologies. It is another credential for the curriculum of scrum.

The market sees in an accredited professional the guarantee that he has mastered certain contents.

The IT market is very broad and demanding.

Let’s study!

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