Professional Scrum Master Exam (PSM I) – Practice Exams

Professional Scrum Master Exam (PSM I) – Practice Exams

These simulated Professional Scrum Master Exam (PSM I) – Practice practice exams will improve your Scrum knowledge & help you become a certified Professional Scrum Master.

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Validate your Scrum framework knowledge and demonstrate your fundamental level of Scrum mastery by earning the Professional Scrum Master (PSM 1) certification!

The Scrum Master is one of the most important roles in the Agile Scrum team. And, as it goes, the higher the level of importance, the higher the earning potential.

And that certainly applies to the Scrum Master as they make over $90,000 (USD) per year!
I think it is fair to say you could live on that wage.

So what does the Scrum Master do?

In short, the Scrum Master is responsible for promoting and supporting Agile Scrum.

They do this by helping everyone understand Scrum theory.

practices, ceremonies, rules, and values, while also removing project roadblocks, assisting with backlog management.

practicing agility, and facilitating events and ceremonies as needed.

So, with the position being well compensated, having interesting responsibilities, and being a key part of the Agile team, I have a question for you…

Have you considered becoming a Scrum Master, by the Professional Scrum Master Exam?

Well, just like a Scrum Master helps the team achieve their goals, we want to help you achieve yours!

We proudly introduce you to our Professional Scrum Master Practice Exams!

And even if playing the role of a Scrum Master isn’t of interest to you, having that level of in-depth knowledge of Scrum would significantly elevate the value you can bring to your Agile Scrum team and your organization.

Enrollment into our practice test course provides you access to two simulated practice exams.

The contained 150 questions will not only prepare you to pass the PSM but our detailed explanations on each question will also greatly enhance your Scrum Guide knowledge.

So regardless of whether you want to become a certified Scrum Master, gain notoriety for having a coveted certification, or you want to increase and validate your knowledge of Agile Scrum, these practice exams are exactly what you are looking for!

Get ready to achieve certified status.

Enroll and Prepare to Pass!

Let’s hear what our students had to say:

“Clear and concise! Incredibly easy to adapt the mindset and apply to the test.” – Adam

“The course is awesome and comprehensive if you want to effectively prepare for the PSM1 level.

Questions have been compiled very nice, very easy to understand and explanations after answers are very useful!

Thank you, Jeremy and Vivek for the great course!” – Aykhan

“This practice exam is well written and the questions are easy to understand.

Though I have not achieved a passing score, it is a great resource to practice and study for the real exam.

I also like the fact that I can retake the test as many times I want and hit the pause button to resume later.

Other great features of the exam are the ability to stop and start anytime and skip questions and come back later to it.

Lastly, once the test is submitted I can see the results and explanation for those questions I got wrong.

Overall, it is a great way to test my knowledge, practice, and prepare for the big day.” – Gember

But wait, why should you become certified?

Enhanced credibility – This shows you possess the skills needed to be successful in the role and as a member of the team An increased salary – Those who have achieved a level of certification often earn more than their uncertified counterparts

A boost over other candidates – When applying for positions, earned certifications help to differentiate you and help you stand above other job applicants

Come join more than 85% of technology professionals and get certified today!

For best results, we encourage you to keep practicing until you can consistently achieve above 92% on both practice exams
These practice exams are not endorsed by, in partnership with, nor affiliated with Scrum(dot)Org

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