New release: Cloud Developer & Cloud DevOps Nanodegree programs

New release: Cloud Developer & Cloud DevOps Nanodegree programs

Udacity introduced the School of Cloud Computing four years ago in anticipation of the explosive growth of the cloud sector and the resulting demand for Cloud engineers. Since then, the School has grown to include over twenty different Nanodegree programs and Courses, covering everything from Cloud Architecture to Site ReliabilityCloud Computing for Business Leaders, and more. Today, we’re excited to release updated versions of the programs that started it all: the Cloud Developer and Cloud DevOps Engineer Nanodegree programs.

AWS, Google, Microsoft, and about a million other companies are jockeying to grow their share of the ~678 billion dollar cloud computing market, which means they’re also competing to hire the best talent. You could be that talent.

Cloud Developer Nanodegree program

The Cloud Developer Nanodegree program aims to train professionals to build and deploy scalable, full-stack applications on the cloud and achieve mastery over the fundamentals of AWS, microservices, and serverless technologies.

You’ll dive into the realm of microservices, where you’ll explore architecture patterns, service replication, and independent scaling, empowering you to create resilient and highly scalable applications. Through a series of four projects, you’ll gain practical experience, equipping you with the skills to confidently design, build, and deploy complex applications. Some projects include:

  • Develop a cloud-based application for uploading, listing, and filtering images
  • Refactor monolith to microservices and deploy
  • Develop a serverless application and deploy with AWS Lambda

Cloud DevOps Engineer Nanodegree program

Cloud DevOps expertise allows professionals to seamlessly bridge the gap between development and operations, enabling faster software delivery, improved efficiency, and enhanced collaboration within teams. 

With this program, you will gain the essential skills needed to operationalize infrastructure at scale and deliver applications and services with high velocity, positioning yourself for career advancement. And you’ll demonstrate that proficiency across four projects that were designed from real-world job scenarios, including:

  • Deploy a high-availability web app using CloudFormation
  • Operationalize a Coworking Space Microservice
  • Design and implement a CI/CD pipeline using GitHub Actions

What are you waiting for?

Your instructors in both programs have decades of experience as CTOs, Engineering Managers, Solutions Architects, and Data Platform Engineers. These are real Cloud practitioners, teaching the skills you’ll actually need to perform on the job.

Don’t miss this opportunity to join the ranks of highly sought-after Cloud Developers & DevOps Engineers and excel in the agile world of technology. Enroll now to unlock a world of exciting career possibilities!

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