New and Improved from IBM!

New and Improved from IBM!

Aspiring individuals looking to forge a successful career path in the tech industry often encounter many options when it comes to education, licensing, and certification- New and Improved from IBM 

Among the most reputable and sought-after credential providers is IBM, a global leader in technology and innovation. Coursera is proud to collaborate with IBM to offer learners an incentive to expand their skill sets in a given domain with our IBM Professional Certificates, an invaluable opportunity to build expertise with the renowned global leader. 

Reach your career goals with IBM

A Professional Certificate from IBM is a gateway for learners looking to start new careers, gain new skills, earn promotions, and more. Each Certificate will fully prepare you with the most industry relevant knowledge and tools you need to excel in an entry-level role in your field of choice in under 6 months—no prior experience required.

Upon completion of any of these 100% online courses, learners will be prepared with the hard and soft technical skills they need to launch a new career in addition to access to exclusive job search platforms, resume-building support, and mock interviews.

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of four all-new online experiences from IBM that help learners harness the power of IT and more. Plus, there are a number of updates to a few of our existing IBM courses. All of these new experiences are available today.

IBM IT Project Manager
With an IBM IT Project Manager Professional Certificate, you’ll build the skills necessary to lead successful initiatives specific to the IT industry like planning, organizing resources, ensuring successful project delivery, and more. You’ll learn foundational technical skills including effective communication, organization, and leadership techniques.

IBM Project Manager

The role of a project manager extends beyond the IT industry, and the IBM Project Manager Professional Certificate is great for learners looking for a more broad perspective on the project management landscape. This course equips learners with essential project management skills that they can apply to any industry. From initiating projects to managing stakeholders, controlling project scope, and more, this course covers a comprehensive range of fundamentals that will prepare learners to take the CAPM PMI exam. 

IBM Front End Developer

User experience plays a more impactful role than ever in today’s digital world. With the IBM Front End Developer Professional Certificate, learners will dive into the fundamentals like HTML, CSS, Javascript, and responsive web design. By the end of this course, you’ll learn how to develop visually appealing, user-friendly web applications and create memorable digital experiences.

IBM IT Scrum Master

Agile methodologies have changed the way software development projects are executed, and Scrum in particular is gaining popularity. The IBM IT Scrum Master Professional Certificate equips learners with the skills they need to guide Scrum teams through incremental development cycles. Graduates of this course can help organizations deliver high-quality software products more efficiently.

Discover the newest changes to popular courses

In addition to the all-new content on Coursera, there are a number of content updates for the following existing Professional Certificates:

IBM Data Science

Several courses have been updated with improved content, videos, and hands-on labs.

IBM IT Support

Courses 1-6 have been updated to include a significant number of hands-on labs for more practice.

IBM Full Stack Developer

A significant number of courses have been updated with improved content videos and labs. 

IBM Data Warehouse Engineer

Version 2 has been launched and includes a new course 3. Plus, a new capstone course has been added for more practice.

IBM Cybersecurity Analyst

Labs and projects have been updated for each course.

IBM Applied AI 

Several courses have been updated with improved content, videos, labs, and projects.

Launch your new career today

Embarking on a new career journey in the tech industry requires not only determination and passion, but the right credentials to stand out in the competitive job market. By earning one of IBM’s Professional Certificates, aspiring professionals can position themselves as competent and knowledgeable candidates ready to excel in their chosen fields.

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