Mongo GoLang Go Python PHP Node React Management Interface

Mongo GoLang Go Python PHP Node React Management Interface

Hi Guys, Good day! We’ll be creating four interfaces using GoLang to handle a MongoDB database.

Mongodb, NodeJs, Python, Golang, and PHP will be used. We generate Login Stems with Access Tokens, Refresh Tokens, and Bypass Tokens for different interfaces to communicate with our back-end servers during the course.

The front end utilities React, which provides a rather intense 3D interface for easily switching between languages and interfaces.

There’s a lot of code here, and switching between four different languages is really entertaining and an advantage of 4 things in one course!

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first lets see about each one.

Why should you learn – go? (GoLang)

Go (or GoLang ) is an open source programming language for creating scalable, quick, and reliable software.

Google employs Go to run its massive server networks, as well as a substantial portion of its own cloud platform. Go is used by developers in a variety of settings, including application development, web development, operations and infrastructure teams, and more. It is the infrastructure and software development language for Cloud Native.

As GoLang’s popularity and adoption grow, we’ll see more and more imaginative applications of the language!

GoLang is Supported and used by,

What Is a React Node?

A React node is a virtual version of a DOM node that is light, stateless, and immutable. React nodes are a representation of a possible DOM node, rather than actual DOM nodes (e.g., text or element nodes). The virtual DOM refers to the representation.

JSX or JavaScript can be used to generate React nodes. We’ll look at how to make React nodes with just JavaScript in this chapter. There isn’t any JSX yet. In order to comprehend JSX, I believe you should first discover what it hides.

The course here we are talking about has 13 sections • 124 lectures • 24h 38m total length.

Here is the Detailed view what will you learn

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Setup6 lectures • 44min

  • What We Are BuildingPreview16:17
  • Course Materials00:00
  • Setup & Direction 001Preview03:15
  • Setup / Download Interface & Nodejs intall05:50
  • Nginx and Node Environment08:46
  • Finish Nginx & Node Interface Setup09:36
Install / Configure / Test Mongo1 lecture • 9min
  • Mongo Install Setup Test08:42
NodeJs Backend Server12 lectures • 3hr 9min
  • Node Server Start17:42
  • Finish Node Rest.js Run Test Route07:01
  • Start Login Box (Frontend)27:32
  • Login Box Continued (Frontend) p210:22
  • Login Box Continued (Frontend) p321:13
  • Send Credz Auth Login Route14:50
  • Add User Wireup Mongo Rest19:12
  • Moving Forward with Authentication17:17
  • Generate Access & Refresh Tokens11:12
  • Encrypt Access & Refresh Tokens14:56
  • Finish Auth Login Route13:51
  • Finalize Auth Route and Login Box14:04
Wireup Refresh Token Operations16 lectures • 3hr 43min
  • Start Init Screen08:30
  • Start Init Audio Box15:58
  • Undecorated Animated Button Part 109:41
  • Undecorated Animated Button Part 213:46
  • Init Sound Box Continued23:29
  • Add Typing Text Effect09:00
  • Finish Init Revert (Audio Accepted)14:09
  • Start Refresh Auth Sequence16:44
  • Refresh Auth Sequence Continued20:42
  • Refresh Auth Sequence (LCID Check)09:26
  • Refresh Auth Sequence (Send Request)06:04
  • Refresh Auth Sequence (Refresh Route Part I)10:56
  • Refresh Auth Sequence (Refresh Route Part II)24:33
  • Finish Auth Refresh Route12:52
  • Handle New Token Data or Refresh Fail17:18
  • Finish Init Refresh10:09
Create State Visualizer4 lectures • 37min
  • Wireup State Visualizer07:06
  • ContextHub & Websocket Info Component11:28
  • ContextHub & Websocket Info Component Continued15:34
  • Finish ContextHub (Hide Login / Show Websock Com)02:49
NodeJs Websocket Server9 lectures • 1hr 59min
  • NodeJs Websocket Server Prep04:02
  • Wrap Ws with Another Mongo Instance (Two Avail)08:08
  • Wss Skeleton09:06
  • Wireup Wss Upgrade17:24
  • Wireup Wss Open handler Part I23:39
  • Finish Wss Open Handler ( send WsId & CSRFToken )05:16
  • Websocket Component Update15:38
  • Finish Websocket Componet Request Verify AccessToken09:12
  • Secure Ws Messages and Verify Access Token26:39
Wireup Sound Provider / Logout / Garbage Collection4 lectures • 52min
  • Hookup Sound Provider12:58
  • Hookup LogOut Functionality05:58
  • Garbage Collection24:08
  • Final Auth Related Patches08:41
Bypass Tokens2 lectures • 18min
  • Generate Bypass Tokens15:58
  • Garbage Collect Bypass Tokens02:05
NodeJs Mongo Management Interface16 lectures • 3hr 59min
  • Begin Setup14:29
  • Request / Display Databases26:09
  • Request / Display Collections18:49
  • Request / Display Documents22:19
  • Document Editor12:38
  • Document Editor Part II12:25
  • Wireup Create Database20:23
  • Wireup Create Collection09:38
  • Add Insert Many Button05:39
  • Prepare The Rest of the Operations06:31
  • Wireup Drop Database and Drop Collection17:42
  • Patch DB & Collection Drop Functions06:11
  • Wireup Insert New Document20:41
  • Finish Update Document Multiple Values20:44
  • Wireup Insert Many Editor Part I15:29
  • Finish Insert Many09:07

Course not found.

Python Mongo Management Interface (MMI) (frontend / Backend )21 lectures • 3hr 41min
  • The Setup13:59
  • Python Server Install Packages06:59
  • Python Server Part I10:17
  • Python Server Part II18:05
  • Finish Python Server Test Wss Connection17:46
  • Some Patches and Test Validate Messages08:07
  • Final Patch (Register Validate Jwt) Test Success!!!01:55
  • Request / Display Databases via Python Mongo17:17
  • Request / Display Collections06:05
  • Request / Display Documents in Collection32:06
  • Setup (new db col) (drop db col)05:33
  • Wireup Drop Database08:52
  • Wireup Create Database02:40
  • Wireup Create Collection08:24
  • Wireup Drop Collection04:51
  • Insert New Doc Part I11:29
  • Finish Insert New Doc09:52
  • Update Document Part I22:14
  • Finish Update Document (Stupid Mistake Sorry!!!! ) fixed02:59
  • Insert Many Part I07:01
  • Finish Insert Many04:42
GoLang MMI ( Frontend & Backend )21 lectures • 3hr 46min
  • Install GoLang02:26
  • Setup GoLang Frontend08:31
  • Setup Go Server Files04:23
  • Load Public Key File14:17
  • Load PrivKey and Code Mogo Mod18:25
  • Monog Patch Test Connection (Success)01:05
  • GoLang Websocket Server Part I16:31
  • Run Server Test Start Bypass Validation Code08:07
  • Finish Websocket Server (Test Secure Connection)23:08
  • Finish Golang Frontend :)06:13
  • Request Display Databases & Collections25:40
  • List Collection Documents Part I07:31
  • Finish List Documents11:06
  • Wireup Create Database07:44
  • Wireup Create Collection05:12
  • Wireup Drop Database04:58
  • Wireup Drop Collection02:38
  • Insert Document Part I24:03
  • Finish Insert Document06:42
  • Wireup Insert Many17:15
  • Wireup Update Document10:13
PHP MMI (Frontend & Backend)11 lectures • 1hr 41min
  • Prep & Install Composer03:50
  • Install Swoole11:33
  • Install Chilkat for PHP06:42
  • install Mongo PHP06:11
  • Setup Frontend Test PHP Websocket Server Connection13:15
  • Finish PHP Frontend02:09
  • Autho Loader(4 Mongo) & Chilkat Includes10:36
  • Frontend Backend Cleanup and Some Tests09:10
  • Mongo Insert Test Doc, Test JSon Encode Incomding Message06:55
  • Validate JWT create Utilz file17:17
  • Request / Display Databases13:19

Course not found.

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