Microsoft 70-649 MCSE Updates Windows Server Practice Exam

Microsoft 70-649 MCSE Updates Windows Server Practice Exam

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Microsoft 70-649 MCSE Updates Windows Server Practice Exam

Sample Questions

Q) Do you have multiple terminal servers to connect to each console session of a server is removed from a single tool. V can be used as a graphical tool Terminal Services to achieve this goal?

a)  Remote Desktop Connection utility version 6

b) Remote Desktop accessories

c) Web Tools Remote Desktop

d) Client Configuration Manager utility Terminal Services

e) None

Q) Eliminates network system which is applied a number of static routes. After analyzing the information used to make these routes decide that was a mistake when entering the route in one of the ports. Which of the following best defines your actions as a result of this error?

a) No effect, because the static routes operate in the same way they do the dynamics and automatically correct itself.

b) Immediate change has to be done because there is no fail-safe when it comes to static routing.

c) Rebooting the system should be performed to clear all permanent way.

d) None of the above.

e) None

Q) ISP contacted you for guidance on how to activate their hosting customers access to their content via FTP. After consideration of their plans, you have determined that they want to maintain a simple solution that minimizes the work on the technical preservation of FTP service. What is the solution you have recommended?

a) Install the FTP-site to use the user’s home directory

b) Set the user isolation using virtual directories, web links

c) Bind FTP site to site in IIS Manager

d) Create a stand-alone-the FTP site for each client, which indicates the location of the web content

e) None


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