Intro Data Science Workshop < School Computer Curriculum

Intro Data Science Workshop < School Computer Curriculum

Intro Data Science Workshop < School Computer Curriculum


School Computer Curriculum Ready – Suitable for a 20-Week Middle or High School Semester Classroom Tested – This course was taught in a 20-week semester for 9th graders in a real school. The content level and volume is appropriate and suitable for a typical 20-week school semester, for all junior or high school grades. Each unit below could span 1-2 weeks in a real classroom setting.

Practice Data with Excel-style Spreadsheets

For Teens or Adults!

11 Units (~20 Weeks)

2 Assignments

1 Independent Student Data Science Project

Lecture Slides and Other Resources


In this classroom-tested all hands-on workshop course, you will play the role of a real-world data scientist.

You will have hands-on assignments and will conduct a data science project in which you have to do work involved in all the stages of data science.

like, problem statement and research, raw data collection, data organization and cleaning inside Excel-Style spreadsheet tables, data analysis involving spreadsheet formulas and charts, and finally identifying and presenting results.

The class begins with a few lectures and assignments to equip you with the basic skills on data and using data spreadsheet tables.

We will use Google Sheets in the videos, but Excel or equivalent are fine to use too.

We then jump right into the independent data science student projects section, in which you have the option to choose your own research topic for the data project, or to select from a provided list of problem statements in many areas such as Health, Relationships, and Sports.

Once your problem statement is finalized, you will set up an online poll (such as Google Forms) and share with friends on social media, in order to collect the raw data associated with your topic.

Once enough data is gathered (or you can use the ones provided or find any other dataset online), you will enter the data in a spreadsheet table, and be guided to perform all the other stages of data science on your data, until the conclusion of your project.

Sections of Intro Data Science Workshop

  • Section 1: LecturesUnit 1
  • Role of Data in Digital World

  • Use Cases of Data Science

  • Stages of Data Science

  • Unit 2

  • Spreadsheet

  • Table Basics

  • Types of Data

  • Homework 1: Create Excel Table: Nutrition Data of Your 5 Favorite Fruit Picks

  • Unit 3

  • Spreadsheet Formulas

  • Spreadsheet Charts

  • Homework 2: Analyze Your 5 Favorite Fruits Data

  • Section 2: Data Science Student ProjectUnit 4

  • Data Science Project Overview

  • Research Area Selection

  • Research Topic Selection

  • Problem Statement Selection

  • Unit 5

  • Select 2 Questions for Online Polls

  • Unit 6Set Up Online Polls

  • Unit 7

  • Collect Raw Data

  • Organize Data in a Table

  • Unit 8

  • Clean Data

  • Sort Data

  • Unit 9

  • Analyze Data

  • Use Formulas and Charts

  • Unit 10

  • Identify Results

  • Unit 11

  • Present Results

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