How to learn AWS Serverless APIs & Web Apps

AWS Serverless APIs & Web Apps — A Complete Introduction

Serverless computing will shape the future of web development since it allows you to get rid of many issues “traditional” web hosting poses. here we are going to see How to learn AWS Serverless APIs & Web Apps. here is AWS Serverless APIs & Web Apps course

Now’s the time to dive into this exciting new technology!

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Unlike in traditional web hosting, where you spin up servers, configure them, and then deploy your code, in serverless applications, you don’t manage any servers! Instead, you only provide your code and define when it should get executed. Done!

Without managing any servers, you typically pay way less (since you got no overhead capacity), can react much better to incoming traffic spikes, and don’t have to worry about server security!

For these very reasons, it’s no wonder that serverless computing is on the rise, with more and more companies adopting it! Learn it now to gain an edge and either uses it for your own projects or apply for high-paid jobs!

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What does this course How to learn AWS Serverless APIs & Web Apps offer then?

This course will introduce you to serverless computing,

and then quickly dive into how to build serverless apps with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Specifically, you will learn:

  • how you can build a REST API without worrying about servers, using AWS API Gateway

  • how to execute that Lambda code whenever incoming requests reach your defined REST endpoints

  • how you can store data in a database — naturally without managing any database servers!

We won’t stop there though! Instead, you’ll then dive even deeper into serverless computing and learn:

  • how you can add user authentication to your existing frontend apps and how you can then also protect your REST API against unauthenticated access with ease!

  • how you can easily integrate a complete user sign up & sign inflow (including user confirmation) into ANY app (web app, iOS, or Android app!) with AWS Cognito

  • how to deploy your web app in a serverless manner

  • how to speed up the delivery of your static web app assets

  • how to secure your serverless app

  • what else you can build with the services covered in this course and which other services might be interesting to you

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Is this course for you?

Now that you know what this course offers, is it the right choice for you? Which skills should you bring?

This course is absolutely the right choice for you if you’re interested in providing great web applications without worrying about the provisioning of servers.

It’s also the right choice if you already got experience as a system administrator but are interested in keeping up with the latest developments and the many new possibilities serverless computing offers.

So, You will need some basic AWS knowledge, or the willingness to dive deeper into AWS alongside taking this course. Additionally, a credit card is required for signing up to AWS.

Finally, you should be familiar with APIs and SPAs (Single-Page-Applications) and which role they play in today’s web development environment. You don’t need to know how to create them though.

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