helpful tips for coding motivation

helpful tips for coding motivation

If you’re having a hard time staying motivated while learning to code, here are helpful tips for coding motivation. coding is not a simple task, it needs many factors in support to perform it successfully.

Do you know that you are not alone facing this almost all programmers and coders face it.

Today we have shared some helpful tips for being motivated while coding.

These tips are based on many experiences with finding motivation when coders are stuck or in a slump.

We have summarized those tips into a list of eight ways to stay motivated all the downtimes and never to give up.

Here is to find your motivation!

Tip 1: Take your time to practice

Many programmers when they start learning to code, get into confusion.

when they move too quickly through lessons, without taking the time to practice.

Looking at the high end coding chapters, they get nervous and that is obviously not a good start.

practice makes the man perfact and that saying is very well suitable while you start to code.

Start with lite coding examples and practice it to write by your self, again and again with slight various.

Add up more and more complex variants by yourself and let your imaginations fly to do it. that will lead you to be a natural programmer.

Spending time with a new concept is important so you can retain what you’ve learned.

You can apply it as you move on to more advanced concepts.

Until you grasp the fundamentals of the basices from where you start, apply it to practice more and more.

Do not think you can learn and become an expert a fluent programmer in a few days.

it’s a very wrong misconception some folks keep in mind and they go nowhere.

helpful tips for coding motivation while coding can be compared like you are learning a language to speak.

The more you practice, the more and more fluent you can be.

Tip 2: keep Looking back at all you have learned.

If one gets stuck at a point, it can be most probably to happen that to get frustrated about all that they still have to learn.

And here there is a big chance to lose sight of everything you have already learned.

Next time you are feeling overwhelmed and down on yourself, take some time to reflect on how far you have reached.

In order for being motivated while coding, it’s needed to get evaluated constantly instead of making a hurry to go further.

Make a step further and practice it very well, then slowly try to go to otehr step and win it by practicing more.

The important thing starts at the start of the 3rd point.

before you start the 3rd point, go again to the first point, and evaluate yourself again for both the points you learned so far.

This way keep doing it while going further, do it again and again for the points you learned before.

when you will do it this way, again and again, the programming for you will be a natural process.

And, it will flow like a spring of natural water flows through the mountains.

Tip 3: Remind yourself why you started learning to code

Remembering why you started can be a nice way to rediscover what inspired you in the first place.

reinvigorate your desire to learn from time to time, and help you find the motivation to keep going.

Perhaps asking yourself what the skills you’re learning could help you achieve in the future would be a nice start.

What would you like to do that would require those skills?

That is the best question you can keep asking yourself and get constant motivation while coding.

Tip 4: Love the learning process

Remember one thing very clearly in your mind that Programming isn’t easy that you can master in a week or a month.

learning to program will likely require you to think in ways you have never thought before.

It may take you some time to be okay with the fact that coding is not second nature and that you will make mistakes along the way.

love to program. love your achievements and love your frustrations also.

it is very very important to love your failures also, as it will lead you to success.

At any point of time, If you feel stuck or frustrated, understand that it’s all part of the learning process. love it!

Tip 5: Do not try to learn it all in a day!

Coding is a delightful process.

it’s a creative work and gives birth to the new creative. you can learn it step by step and your hurry is not going to work here!

Do it for a short period of time every day and not be after it for the whole day. forcefully don’t coding learning is not going to work.

put a timer on your work desk and do it for 30 minutes a day. the maximum time you give is 1 hour.

Tip 6: Do it with breaks-helpful tips for coding motivation

As i have said earlier, coding practice is not a michanical job that you can do it in a day or can learn it within a specified and fixed period.

so, either when you are doing coding and trying to make an application or developing code for something, do not overload yourself.

do the coding practice with gaps within it or in otehr words, take small brakes whenever you get stuck to some place while coding.

Remember my helpful tips for coding motivation, and do it exactly as I say.

because I myself having coding experience for the last 26 years and I been passed through many bottleneck situations while coding.

whenever i used to get stuck at a point in coding, i use to leave it for a while.

I stand up from my chair, and make a small walk or talk to a friend or do some other activity.

sometimes, while it’s evening time at my office and I am working on developing a code sequence and got stuck at a point.

I left to go home suddenly winding the work for the day and that way I left programming for tomorrow to continue.

next day i experienced it wonderfully that i get the immidiate solution for that coding problem when i firstly address it!

so, these are facts and my self experiences for successful code learning or code development.

so, as a summary, these were the helpful tips for coding motivation.

I am sure if you will follow them, you also will be a successful coding expert, or in other words, a successful programmer.

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