Google Earth Engine y Machine Learning

Google Earth Engine y Machine Learning

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Google Earth Engine and Machine Learning

Hi there! I invite you to enroll in my course on remote sensing using Google Earth Engine.

Give your career a twist with a new skill that will put you a step above the rest, since Google Earth Engine is here to stay!

This tool revolutionized remote sensing and changed the way satellite data is analyzed. Forget spending hours downloading an image and work with it in the cloud. You will have access to a very large amount of satellite data and at an impressive speed, since Google allows us to use their “super computers”.

Forget about having to download software that uses a large amount of memory on your computer and needs to be updated every so often. Forget having to perform the same procedure over and over again in a slow and exhausting way.

Welcome to the world of reproducible research, where through programming codes you can replicate specific tasks and functions as many times as you want and in an easy way.

Be part of the global Google Earth Engine community, where everyone helps each other in order to learn as much as possible.

What are you waiting for! It only depends on you to join the world of Big Data in remote sensing!

Sign up for the course and I promise you will not regret it!

I'll see you in class!



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