GAQM – Associate In Project Management (APM)

GAQM – Associate In Project Management (APM)

GAQM – Associate In Project Management (APM) Test series

Pass the APM certification on the first attempt. 150 questions

Associate In Project Management isn’t just for construction engineers and military logistics experts anymore.

Today, in addition to the regular duties of your job, you are often expected to take on extra assignments and to get that additional job done well, done under budget, and done on time.

This E-Course and Certification is not intended to take you from a supervisory or administrative position to that of a project manager.

However, the APM Certification will familiarize you with the most common terms and the most current thinking about projects.

(APM) is an important globally recognized credential in the field of Project Management.

Passing the exam and obtaining the APM credential will demonstrate your commitment to project management excellence.

Practice test for Associate In Project Management

Practice Tests

  • Practice Test # 1 – GAQM APM-001 Associate in Project Management Certification50 questions
  • Practice Test # 2 – GAQM APM-001 Associate in Project Management Certification50 questions
  • Practice Test # 3 – GAQM APM-001 Associate in Project Management Certification50 questions

Sample practice questions for PMI CAPM Exam Actual Questions

Question 1.

Which changes occur in risk and uncertainty as well as the cost of changes as the life cycle of a typical project progresses?

  • A. Risk and uncertainty increase; the cost of changes increases.
  • B. Risk and uncertainty increase; the cost of changes decreases.
  • C. Risk and uncertainty decrease; the cost of changes increases.
  • D. Risk and uncertainty decrease; the cost of changes decreases.

Answer 1 C

Question 2.

Which tool or technique is an examination of industry and specific vendor capabilities?

  • A. Independent estimates
  • B. Market research
  • C. Analytical techniques
  • D. Bidder conferences

Answer 2. B

Market research includes examination of industry and specific vendor capabilities. Procurement teams may leverage information gained at conferences, online reviews and a variety of sources to identify market capabilities.
The team may also refine particular procurement objectives to leverage maturing technologies while balancing risks associated with the breadth of vendors who can provide the materials or services desired.

Question 3.

The Perform Quality Assurance process occurs in which Process Group?

  • A. Executing
  • B. Monitoring and Controlling
  • C. Initiating
  • D. Planning

Answer 3. A

Question 4.

Regression analysis, failure mode and effect analysis (FMEA), fault tree analysis (FTA), and trend analysis are examples of which tool or technique?

  • A. Expert judgment
  • B. Forecasting methods
  • C. Earned value management
  • D. Analytical techniques

Answer 4. D

Question 5.

An input used in developing the communications management plan is:

  • A. Communication models.
  • B. Enterprise environmental factors.
  • C. Organizational communications.
  • D. Organizational cultures and styles.

Answer 5. B

Question 6.

Enterprise environmental factors are an input to which process?

  • A. Control Scope
  • B. Define Scope
  • C. Plan Scope Management
  • D. Collect Requirements

Answer 6. C

Question 7.

Which process develops options and actions to enhance opportunities and reduce threats to project objectives?

  • A. Identify Risks
  • B. Control Risks
  • C. Plan Risk Management
  • D. Plan Risk Responses

Answer 7. D

Question 8.

The process of establishing the policies, procedures, and documentation for planning, developing, managing, executing, and controlling the project schedule is known as:

  • A. Plan Schedule Management.
  • B. Develop Project Charter.
  • C. Develop Schedule.
  • D. Plan Scope Management.

Answer 8. A

Question 9.

Which input to the Manage Stakeholder Engagement process is used to document changes that occur during the project?

  • A. Issue log
  • B. Change log
  • C. Expert judgment
  • D. Change requests

Answer 9. B

Question 10.

An input to the Plan Stakeholder Management process is:

  • A. The project charter.
  • B. The stakeholder analysis.
  • C. A communication management plan.
  • D. A stakeholder register.

Answer 10. D

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The Associate in Project Management

(APM) certificate is an entry-level certification in the field of Project Management Framework.

The APM certificate demonstrates that the candidate has the required knowledge in the field of Project Management confining to the entry-level of project management.

A candidate who has little or no knowledge of project management can appear for the APM certification.

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