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welcome to Trainer Academy free ACE study guide and ACE practice exam.

This page is meant for people looking for information regarding the American Council on Exercise (ACE) personal trainer certification, specifically, ACE study materials, and ideally, those who would like to know more about the certification exam with this free ACE-CPT test.

I’ll cover test prep materials and ACE certification exam practice questions by looking in-depth at:

  • The time and exam requirements for this certification
  • The questioning styles used for the exam questions
  • ACE certification exam practice questions with ACE practice exam answers
  • Some helpful rationale for eliminating answers to multiple-choice questions
  • Exam difficulty and the training program offered by ACE

We assure you that this ACE exam practice test will assist you in learning more about the styles of questions within the personal training certification exam. So make sure to bookmark this page.

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Let’s dive into this free ACE practice test now.

Welcome to your ACE personal training practice exam!

This is useful to study for the ACE, or The American Council on Exercise, personal trainer certification exam.

Also, it partners well with the ACE-CPT study guide, and your American Council on Exercise Personal Trainer Manual, 5th Edition.

Remember, the ACE-CPT material is accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA), and NCCA-accredited certifications are the most sought after and highly respected by employers.

Here are some other high-quality, accredited personal trainer certifications:

Similar to ACE, you may find access to study materials from these certification providers, like the NASM study guide and the NASM practice test.

Keep in mind the at ACE CPT exam has a current pass rate of 65%, so, it comes in as a tad more difficult than the personal training and group fitness instructor certifications from other companies such as the above.

This includes even the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) personal trainer certification and NSCA strength and conditioning (CSCS) certification.

In case you’re curious, the NSCA CSCS is one of the top strength and conditioning certifications, so i will share the CSCS study guide and CSCS practice test with you.

With all these certifications to choose from, I’ve come up with the following comparison articles for your convenience:

To ensure that you make it into 65% of passes, you should use this ACE fitness exam review.

A lot of people find the ACE exam challenging and possibly overwhelming when they come in without exercise science experience.

So it is important for these ACE certification exam practice questions to exist.

This can be thought of as an ACE review in a way.

When going through this ACE personal trainer practice test, note that I split it into the four domains that you will be tested on, so you might see similarities within these domain questions.

So what does the layout look like for these comprehensive ACE certification exam practice questions?

You’ll notice there will be 10 questions per domain, and the goal is for you to answer them on your own. free ACE Practice questions.

Then, you may use the accordion accompanying each question to see the purpose behind the answer or to confirm your answer is correct.

Remember, cheaters never win and true winners never cheat!

free ACE Practice questions

Domain 1: Client Interviews and Assessments

This domain will represent 23% of the exam or around 35 total questions.

These ACE personal trainer practice test questions cover the obtainment of lifestyle, health, exercise, and medical/healthcare information from your clients in order to determine the risk they may have when participating in exercise programs.

The ACE personal trainer practice exam will also go over the ability to assess the readiness of clients to change their behaviors and evaluation of their attitude to exercise in order to build rapport and establish their goals.

There will also be significant questions on the movement assessments and the observations used for making the right exercise program in order to enhance function, health, fitness, and performance.

The last major thing to know in this domain of ACE personal training exam practice is the baseline physiological assessments and nutrition information.

Domain 2: Program Design and Implementation

This domain of ACE practice exam questions represents 31% of the whole exam and around 46 questions in total.

It is generally the largest portion of the exam.

This domain will test your ability to establish the right health, performance, fitness, and functional goals that are all based on your assessments and data gathered so that your exercise programs can be specific to the client.

Here you will also be tested on the ability to apply the right principles, strategy, and guidelines to exercise so that the clients may improve their muscular strength and power, cardiorespiratory fitness, and flexibility according to their height, body mass, symptoms, family history, etc.

It is important to have a firm understanding of the equipment and how to integrate the equipment support into your programming for the improvement of function, fitness, health, and performance.

Domain 3: Program Progression and Modification

This domain of ACE-CPT exam practice represents 26% of the whole test and around 39 questions in total.

This domain will go over the knowledge of promotion for adherence to exercise through the use of education, motivation, and modification.

This part of the ACE online practice exam will test you on how well you recognize and respond to the problems in adherence to exercise by taking notice of any barriers and implications or providing options to find a solution for the barriers found.

You will also need to know how to evaluate the progress of your clients with the use of observations, data, and client feedback in order to modify the programs. Thus, the client relationship is important.

Domain 4: Professional Conduct, Safety and Risk Management

This portion of the ACE certification practice exam represents the smallest percentage at 20%.

There will be about 30 questions in total here.

Here, the ACE certification exam practice questions test your abilities in applying risk management strategies while following the many guidelines, standards, laws, and regulations for protecting your client and yourself.

It is important to know how to secure the client’s general information, communicate with the client, and progress the client while following through with confidentiality and liability.

You should have knowledge of preventing injuries and finding the possible hazards in training.

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