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Exam details;

Exam Title: Fortinet NSE 5 – FortiAnalyzer 6.0 (NSE5-FAZ-6.0)
Exam Code: NSE5-FAZ-6.0
Number of Questions: 25 Questions
Duration: 50 min.
Availability: Pearson VUE Testing Center
Test Format: Multiple choice
Passing Score: 70%
Language Exam: English

Who this course is for:

  • For all network engineers and IT professionals who want to test their Fortinet knowledge for their upcoming job interview

Fortinet NSE 5 – FortiAnalyzer 6.0 practice question and answers

Question 1.

You’ve moved a registered logging device out of one ADOM and into a new ADOM. What happens when you rebuild the new ADOM database?

  • A. FortiAnalyzer resets the disk quota of the new ADOM to default.
  • B. FortiAnalyzer migrates archive logs to the new ADOM.
  • C. FortiAnalyzer migrates analytics logs to the new ADOM.
  • D. FortiAnalyzer removes logs from the old ADOM.

Answer 1. C

Question 2.

What happens when a log file saved on FortiAnalyzer disks reaches the size specified in the device log settings?

  • A. The log file is stored as a raw log and is available for analytic support.
  • B. The log file rolls over and is archived.
  • C. The log file is purged from the database.
  • D. The log file is overwritten.

Answer 2. B

Fortinet NSE 5 – FortiAnalyzer 6.0

Question 3.

What is the purpose of employing RAID with FortiAnalyzer?

  • A. To introduce redundancy to your log data
  • B. To provide data separation between ADOMs
  • C. To separate analytical and archive data
  • D. To back up your logs

Answer 3. A

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Question 4.

Which FortiAnalyzer feature allows you to retrieve the archived logs matching a specific timeframe from another FortiAnalyzer device?

  • A. Log upload
  • B. Indicators of Compromise
  • C. Log forwarding an aggregation mode
  • D. Log fetching

Answer 4. D

Question 5.

What is the recommended method of expanding disk space on a FortiAnalyzer VM?

  • A. From the VM host manager, add an additional virtual disk and use the #execute lvm extend <disk number> command to expand the storage
  • B. From the VM host manager, expand the size of the existing virtual disk
  • C. From the VM host manager, expand the size of the existing virtual disk and use the # execute format disk command to reformat the disk
  • D. From the VM host manager, add an additional virtual disk and rebuild your RAID array

Answer 5. A

Question 6.

How are logs forwarded when FortiAnalyzer is using aggregation mode?

  • A. Logs are forwarded as they are received and content files are uploaded at a scheduled time.
  • B. Logs and content files are stored and uploaded at a scheduled time.
  • C. Logs are forwarded as they are received.
  • D. Logs and content files are forwarded as they are received.

Answer 6. B

Fortinet NSE 5 – FortiAnalyzer 6.0

Question 7.

How do you restrict an administrator’s access to a subset of your organization’s ADOMs?

  • A. Set the ADOM mode to Advanced
  • B. Assign the ADOMs to the administrator’s account
  • C. Configure trusted hosts
  • D. Assign the default Super_User administrator profile

Answer 7. B

Question 8.

In order for FortiAnalyzer to collect logs from a FortiGate device, what configuration is required? (Choose two.)

  • A. Remote logging must be enabled on FortiGate
  • B. Log encryption must be enabled
  • C. ADOMs must be enabled
  • D. FortiGate must be registered with FortiAnalyzer

Answer 8. A, D

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Question 9.

What can the CLI command # diagnose test application oftpd 3 help you to determine?

  • A. What devices and IP addresses are connecting to FortiAnalyzer
  • B. What logs, if any, are reaching FortiAnalyzer
  • C. What ADOMs are enabled and configured
  • D. What devices are registered and unregistered

Answer 9. A

Question 10.

What FortiView tool can you use to automatically build a dataset and chart based on a filtered search result?

  • A. Chart Builder
  • B. Export to Report Chart
  • C. Dataset Library
  • D. Custom View

Answer 10. A

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