Cyber Security SOC Analyst – Network Attacks from Scratch

Cyber Security SOC Analyst – Network Attacks from Scratch

Price: S$29.99

Cyber Security SOC Analyst – Network Attacks from Scratch

What is SOC Analyst Training ?

As cyber attacks are rising, Comapanies are providing building Security Operation Centre in which SOC Team is responsible for the Detection, Investigation & Remediation.

  • There is very demand for SOC Analyst (L1) and Sr SOC Analyst (L2) in Security Operation Centre.

  • Analyst is responsible to monitor the company infrasturcture in 24*7 and respond to all kind of cyber attacks.

  • Analyst works on SIEM tool for monitoring and analysis of cyber attack.

  • You will learn about working of devices, protocol, ports and servcies.

  • You will learn about the  real world cyber attacks and investigating on attacks with the help of network packet and device log.

  • You will learn about the day to day activity performed by Analyst in their job and learn about varioius attacks and remediation from very basic.

Real Time Attack Investigation :-

Handle the real challenge faced by SOC Analyst professionals in their job responsibilities in our SOC analyst training. 

Interview Preparation :-

Answer the scenario based interview question from our training. 

Life-Time Training Access :-

Access to our training on your device (Mobile, Laptop, Tablet etc.) anytime anywhere. 

Learn From Basic to Advanced :-

Learn the technology on which cyber security works and step followed by professionals to stop and prevent attacks in real time 


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