Coaching Skills: Sports Coaching and Leadership

Coaching Skills: Sports Coaching and Leadership

Learn valuable sports coaching skills to lead and motivate your high-performing team with this ExpertTrack from Deakin University.

Upskill in sports leadership and coaching to maximise your team’s performance

Coaching skills have been increasingly sought-after to improve the performance of teams as well as individual athletes.

On this ExpertTrack, you’ll be empowered to become a confident and inspirational sports coach.

Using the international coaching experience of business and elite sports coach, Paddy Upton, you’ll explore concepts from sports psychology, coaching and leadership that can be applied to teams in a number of contexts.

Coaching Skills: Sports Coaching and Leadership

Learn how to navigate coaching in a changing landscape

The coaching landscape is fast-changing, and you need to be adaptable to stay relevant and effective.

You’ll learn important strategies to help guide you through the changing coaching landscape, and the techniques that go beyond simply instructing.

Implement an athlete-centred approach

You’ll analyse the differences between a coach-centred and athlete-centred approach to coaching, and how these impact the performance of your athletes.

You’ll learn how to implement effective athlete-centred strategies to create a collaborative relationship and help them reach their potential.

Go on a journey of personal mastery

You’ll learn how to improve your emotional intelligence as you discover the relationship between self-awareness and being an effective leader.

You’ll understand how to become more self-aware, and how this affects your ability to give instructions as a leader or coach.

Find out how to create a positive and cohesive team culture

You’ll discover how to use different coaching principles and strategies to create a positive and supportive environment.

You’ll learn how your role as a coach is an important part of establishing an inclusive team culture, and how this affects performance.

Understand the importance of the mental game

You’ll examine the significance of mental fitness and how you can coach the mental game to help your athletes perform without any distractions.

Key skills you will learn in Sports Coaching

  • Leadership
  • Athlete-centred coaching
  • Sports leadership
  • Culture building
  • Servant leadership
  • Self-awareness
  • Team development
  • Sports coaching
  • Team building
  • Values-based coaching
  • Sports management

Learning outcomes

By the end of the ExpertTrack, you’ll be able to…

  • Investigate the impact of a coach- or athlete-centred approach on athlete development and performance and apply those principles in practice with Sports Coaching.
  • Recognise the changing landscape of coaching and apply innovative approaches to coaching that move beyond instructing
  • Investigate the role successful coaches play in developing a positive and cohesive team culture and apply this in practice
  • Analyse the difference between the thinking and the instinctive brain and evaluate how their separate functions impact key moments when applying frameworks and strategies for coaching the mental game
Coaching Skills: Sports Coaching and Leadership

Experience required

There are no entry requirements for this ExpertTrack.

The ability to coach high-performing teams is essential for anyone coaching at an elite sporting level. You’ll gain insights into the psychology behind coaching and learn from one of the best minds in the field.

This course will suit you if you are looking to grow your skills in coaching. You could be just starting your career or you may have prior coaching experience with Sports Coaching.

Getting started

This ExpertTrack will suit you if you are looking to grow your skills in coaching.

It will particularly benefit you if you are a current or prospective coach looking to broaden your skills or become a better coach. It will also suit you if you are a student considering postgraduate study in sports or nutrition, or an athlete transitioning to personal training work.

ExpertTrack course overview

  • Course 1
  • Coaching Skills: A changing landscape Learn how coaching has changed over time and how to navigate this fast-moving landscape.1 test2 weeks3 hours per week
  • Course 2
  • Coaching Skills: An athlete-centred approach Find out what happens when you place teams and individuals at the centre of their own learning and reflection.1 test2 weeks3 hours per week
  • Course 3
  • Coaching Skills: Leadership and self-awareness Explore how self-awareness affects coaching and leadership, learning how to become emotionally intelligent and self-aware.1 test2 weeks3 hours per week
  • Course 4
  • Coaching Skills: Team culture Discover the importance of defining meaning and purpose to create a positive, supportive and inclusive team culture.1 test2 weeks3 hours per week
  • Course 5
  • Coaching Skills: The mental game Understand how to coach the ‘mental game’ by investigating and managing the impact of fear, flow and focus on performance.1 test2 weeks3 hours per week

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  • Complete each course and pass assessments.
  • Receive certificates validated by the educating organisation.
  • Impress employers with learning outcomes you can add to your CV.
  • Make your career dreams a reality.
ExpertTracks certificate

Coaching Skills: Sports Coaching and Leadership

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Coaching Skills: Sports Coaching and Leadership

Meet your instructor

Paddy Upton

Paddy Upton

I’m a Professor of Practice at Deakin University, coach of professional cricket teams and athletes, and business coach – which I do to support my surfing, fishing and stand-up paddling habits.

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