Applied Cyber Security for Professionals

Applied Cyber Security for Professionals

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Applied Cyber Security for Professionals

Are you ready to defend your system or company against real Hackers and advanced Cyber Attacks?

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While Pen Testing may propose a theoretical scenario, Hackers attacking a company or a given system have been hired to do so; they are highly motivated and relentless!


They study their target, crafting new exploits and malware accordingly. They won’t stop at your brand new Firewall or latest trendy Antimalware.


But how can you be prepared to defend against this type of pervasive attacks, unless you already understand how these are performed.


Beyond Phishing emails and malicious websites and other tactics that may be surpassed by the user’s common sense, you need to know how Hackers actually hack into systems and companies when they have been paid to do so.


What should you prioritize as a Cyber Security Officer for ensuring the safety of your users, integrity of the systems and that day-to-day businesses operations don’t get hindered?


Nowadays Cyber Security solutions pileup by the score. Which solutions actually work? What should the company invest into? What’s the right choice to make?


This course will help you to answer all these questions, by teaching not just how Cyber Attacks actually occur in the real world, but what techniques are used by real Hackers (not only Pen Testers) to reliably hack into system and companies. And most importantly, what can you do to start protecting your system against such type of attacks.


Moreover, this course was developed from experience of protecting companies under this type of circumstances.


As such this course wasn’t developed from performing Penetration Tests against these companies, but form actively defining them against real Hackers!


For this reason, this course observes Cyber Security from a professional point of view, or from an environment in which budgeting, use of resources and implementation at big scale actually matters.


And thus, is not the intention of this course to lead the user into install multiple third party applications, that cannot be realistically implemented in business environments and across multiple users.


Nevertheless, and due how extensive and complex Cyber Security could be, as more than one single set of steps, is a series of different engineering disciplines put together under this term, this introductory course address the most simple elements of the matter, and hence focuses on Windows 10; versions Home and Professional.


And for this same reason, and as a beginners level course, this doesn’t pretend to cover every aspect of security present in Windows 10. But the core aspects that will allow you to protect your system against the type of Cyber Attacks described during this course. And which as a matter of fact are the most effective ones.


Finally another very important aspect of this course, and that will allow you to further develop your skills, by putting you in the right track, is that it will teach you the core aspect of Cyber Security; what are we trying to protect exactly within a system and what could be the ideal scenario in which hacking is no longer possible!




1. Is this a complete course about Cyber Security?


No, this is an introductory course to the matter. But it’s aimed to those wanting to or being in the position of protecting systems or companies against real Cyber Attacks.


What’s your experience regarding Cyber Security?


As of now I have 10 years of experience working in Cyber Security, being the most significant highlight of my career to intervene when companies are being persistently attacked by hackers or Cyber Criminals.


Although and while these are extreme cases, most of the time I help companies to perform security audits and train IT personnel.


2. What do you mean “not from Pen Testing” only?


There are many Cyber Security books and courses that are created from the assumption of what a Cyber Attack could be. And which mostly use commercial Pen-Testing tools as reference.


However this will never prepare a Cyber Security officer for facing an actual Cyber Attack, as hackers  (often times a team of 6 or more people), will most likely develop their own exploits and malware for attacking a given target.


Nevertheless all these share a common goal. And by understanding what this is, you will begin taking the first steps for presenting an effective defense.


3. I am a Network / System Administration with some experience in this subject. Is this course still useful for me?


Yes, although this is an introductory course, you may have never faced an actual Cyber Attack or have whatever you have implemented in terms of protection, contested by real Cyber-criminals. And thus this course should at least give you a new insight regarding Cyber Security.


4. Can you elaborate more into the subjects covered in this course?


Sure, just please let me know what do you need me to cover in further detail and I’ll be happy to add new lectures accordingly.


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