Apache Kafka For Absolute Beginners

Apache Kafka For Absolute Beginners

Welcome to our no-nonsense easy to learn Apache Kafka Beginner Course!

The world has progressed from big data to smart data, requiring data in real-time to make altering decisions for people and the company.

This has prompted more real-time data analytic software to take center stage.

The importance of data has made it crucial that data needs to be streamed faster and better. This is where Kafka can help.

Apache Kafka was introduced by Linkedin where it was originally used as a means to solve the low-latency ingestion of large amounts of event data from the LinkedIn website.

The infrastructure into a lambda architecture that harnessed Hadoop and real-time event processing systems.

Who should take this course?

Thiscourse is designed for software engineers, solution architects, and managers willing to implement Kafka and solve real-time stream processing problems.

I am also creating this course for data architects and data engineers who are responsible for designing and building the organization’s data-centric infrastructure.

Another group of people is the managers and architects who do not directly work with Kafka implementation.

Still, they work with the people who implement Kafka Streams at the ground level.

What you’ll learn

  • Apache Kafka Ecosystem, Components and Big Picture
  • Kafka Architecture and Core Concepts
  • Multi-node Confluent Community Kafka
  • Kafka Storage Architecture in depth
  • Kafka Cluster Architecture in depth
  • Kafka Producer API Programming in Java
  • Kafka Consumer API Programming in Java
  • Idempotence and Transactions in Kafka
  • JSON and AVRO Serialization
  • Exactly Once Processing in Kafka

From there, it has now become a full time product that is used by many prominent companies such as Airbnb, Netflix and Uber to handle their large amounts of data.

Kafka stands apart from other streaming platforms because it offers benefits such as real time data, easy scalability and also easy to distribute.

Now, you can add this amazing technology to our list of accomplishments with our course!

Our easy to learn and no-nonsense course can help you become a Kafka expert in a no time.

We can help you break down the essentials of Kafka, making it simple to learn. Since it has a steep learning curve, Kafka is a little complicated to grasp.

This is why we have built a course with expert instructors to help simplify Kafka’s complex concepts and fundamental principles.

The course will start with a detailed introduction into Kafka and Zookeeper, following with helping you learn how to install both the platforms and set up the environments.

From there, we will cover the core components and architecture of Kafka, also learning how to manipulate and replicate data.

You will also learn about Kafka’s CLI and get hands-on with Producer & Consumer API, as well as the Streaming API. All of this and so much more awaits you in this course.

If you want to master Kafka, then this is the course you need! Enroll now and transform yourself into the expert of your dreams!

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