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What is DAX

DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) is a formula language used in Power BI, Power Pivot, and other Microsoft data analysis products.

It provides a collection of functions that can be used to manipulate data and create custom calculations in the data models of these products.

DAX expressions are used to perform operations such as aggregating data, creating calculated columns, and defining calculated tables.

The language syntax is similar to that of Excel formulas and supports many of the same functions.

However, DAX is designed specifically for use in data modelling and analysis, so it has some features and functions that are not available in Excel.

By using DAX, you can create custom calculations and data models that can help you to get insights into your data, create reports, and build business intelligence dashboards.

Here’s an example of a simple DAX formula:

= SUM(Sales[Quantity])

This formula calculates the total quantity of items sold, based on a column named “Quantity” in a table named “Sales”.

Here’s another example that creates a calculated column:

= IF([Quantity] > 10, "High", "Low")

This formula creates a new column in the “Sales” table, where the values in the column are either “High” or “Low”, depending on whether the value in the “Quantity” column is greater than 10 or not.

And here’s an example of a more complex calculation that creates a calculated table:

            "Total Quantity", SUM(Sales[Quantity])
        "Average Quantity", [Total Quantity] / COUNT(Sales[Date])

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