What are the Best Practices for Efficient Network Programming?

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Which protocol is commonly used for transmitting web pages over the Internet?
Answer: B) HTTP

What does TCP stand for in networking?
A) Transmission Control Protocol
B) Terminal Connection Protocol
C) Transfer Control Program
D) Telecommunication Control Protocol
Answer: A) Transmission Control Protocol

Which networking model describes communication between different layers in networking systems?
A) OSI model
B) TCP/IP model
C) UDP model
D) FTP model
Answer: A) OSI model

Which protocol ensures reliable and ordered delivery of data packets in network communication?
Answer: A) TCP

What is the purpose of DNS in network programming?
A) Encrypting data transmission
B) Converting domain names to IP addresses
C) Managing network security
D) Establishing a direct connection between devices
Answer: B) Converting domain names to IP addresses

Which type of IP address is used for communication within a local network?
A) Public IP address
B) Dynamic IP address
C) Private IP address
D) Static IP address
Answer: C) Private IP address

Which networking device is responsible for forwarding data packets between different networks?
A) Modem
B) Router
C) Switch
D) Hub
Answer: B) Router

What does UDP focus on in network communication?
A) Connectionless communication
B) Error checking and correction
C) Reliable data transmission
D) Handshaking between devices
Answer: A) Connectionless communication

Which port is commonly used for sending emails over the Internet?
A) Port 80
B) Port 25
C) Port 443
D) Port 22
Answer: B) Port 25

What is the purpose of a firewall in network security?
A) Encrypting data transmission
B) Controlling access and filtering network traffic
C) Routing data packets between networks
D) Providing secure remote connections
Answer: B) Controlling access and filtering network traffic