What are the key factors driving the popularity and usage of Linux?

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here are ten multiple-choice questions (MCQs) on Linux:

Which command is used to display the current directory in Linux?
a) ls
b) pwd
c) cd
d) dir

Which Linux-based distribution is known for its focus on security and is often used in penetration testing?
a) Ubuntu
b) Fedora
c) Kali Linux
d) CentOS

What does the command “chmod 755 file.txt” do in Linux?
a) Grants read, write, and execute permission to the owner, read, and execute permissions to the group and others
b) Grants full permission to everyone
c) Removes all permissions from the file
d) Grants read and write permission to everyone

Which command is used to install software packages in most Linux distributions?
a) install
b) setup
c) pkg
d) apt-get (or apt in newer distributions)

Which shell is the default command-line interpreter for most Linux distributions?
a) Bash
b) C Shell
c) Korn Shell
d) Z Shell

In Linux, what command is used to create a new directory?
a) newdir
b) create
c) mkdir
d) touch

What is the purpose of the command “grep” in Linux?
a) Find and replace text in files
b) Display disk usage statistics
c) Search for patterns in files
d) Print the contents of a file

Which command is used to list all currently running processes in Linux?
a) ps
b) top
c) list
d) showproc

What is the main function of the “tar” command in Linux?
a) Copy files and directories
b) Rename files
c) Compress files into an archive
d) Extract files from an archive

What does the command “sudo” in Linux allow a user to do?
a) Switch to a different user account
b) Create a new user account
c) Execute commands with administrative privileges
d) View system logs