Top 100 courses for Google Flutter

Learning Google Flutter involves mastering a powerful open-source UI software development kit that allows for building natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase.

The advantage of learning Flutter lies in its efficiency and flexibility, enabling developers to create high-quality, visually appealing applications with a seamless user experience across multiple platforms.

Its hot reload feature speeds up the development process by instantly reflecting code changes, facilitating quicker iteration and debugging.

Flutter’s widget-based architecture and extensive set of customizable widgets empower developers to create stunning and consistent user interfaces.

Moreover, by reducing development time and effort for multi-platform applications, Flutter streamlines the development workflow, making it an attractive choice for modern app development while providing a skill set relevant to the rapidly evolving tech industry.

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Here are 10 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) related to Google Flutter, along with their respective answers:

What programming language is primarily used in Google Flutter for app development?
a) JavaScript
b) Dart
c) Swift
d) Kotlin
Answer: b) Dart

Which feature in Flutter allows developers to see immediate changes reflected in the app while coding?
a) Live Reload
b) Hot Swap
c) Instant Update
d) Quick Reflect
Answer: a) Live Reload

What is the core concept behind Flutter’s widget-based development?
a) Building layouts with code blocks
b) Creating animations without coding
c) Designing UI elements as independent widgets
d) Integrating external libraries seamlessly
Answer: c) Designing UI elements as independent widgets

Which command is used to execute the Flutter application on an emulator or physical device?
a) flutter run
b) flutter execute
c) flutter start
d) flutter build
Answer: a) flutter run

What does “hot reload” mean in the context of Flutter app development?
a) Automatically updating the app in the background
b) Compiling the app quickly
c) Reloading the app instantly while preserving its state
d) Running the app on multiple devices simultaneously
Answer: c) Reloading the app instantly while preserving its state

Which directory contains the main.dart file, initiating the Flutter app’s execution?
a) /android
b) /lib
c) /assets
d) /test
Answer: b) /lib

In Flutter, what does the term “StatelessWidget” represent?
a) A widget that can be updated dynamically
b) A widget that doesn’t maintain any state
c) A widget that retains the state even on screen change
d) A widget specifically for animations
Answer: b) A widget that doesn’t maintain any state

What is the purpose of “pubspec.yaml” in Flutter?
a) Managing app permissions
b) Defining app layouts
c) Configuring app dependencies
d) Specifying app colors
Answer: c) Configuring app dependencies

Which command is used to create a new Flutter project?
a) flutter init
b) flutter start
c) flutter new
d) flutter create
Answer: d) flutter create

Which IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is officially recommended for Flutter development by Google?
a) Android Studio
b) Visual Studio Code
c) Xcode
d) IntelliJ IDEA
Answer: a) Android Studio